With the holidays just around the corner, it’s not really surprising that Bing chose to update its Shopping campaign. They obviously expect a huge surge in the number of shopping related searches as the holiday season approaches. Naturally, they want to provide their users with the best shopping experience possible. They introduced some pretty interesting changes.

Shopping Ads in UK and Australia

This was the least surprising change. Bing Shopping availability in UK and Australia was only a matter of time. This would certainly help those businesses that operate internationally. If you sell your products to UK and Australia as well as US, you can now count on Bing for support.

Reporting Metrics

This is being launched in beta so it’s not completely finalized yet. However, Bing Shopping optimization will be easier thanks to the new Share of Voice reports with Impressions Share. These will be displayed in your Products Partition and Product Dimension Reports, which falls under the Reports Tab. The metrics include:

  • Impressions Share, which will show the percentage of impressions your product received against the percentage of impressions you were supposed to receive. A high value indicates that your product got good visibility.
  • Impressions Share lost due to rank is another metric that Bing added. This shows the percentage of impressions you lost because your product wasn’t ranked high enough on the SERP.
  • Impressions Share lost due to budget, as the name implies, is the percentage of impressions you lost because of budget deficiency.

Product Ads on Mobile

Now Bing Product Ads would be available on Bing mobile searches as well. This change is automatic so the user doesn’t really need to do anything to adapt their product listings for mobile searches.

Used and Refurbished Product Support 

This is perhaps the most interesting feature that Bing has added. Bing Shopping would now feature used and refurbished products as well. This would allow users to direct traffic specifically to the refurbished or used products on their inventory.

Bing has been optimizing its search engine continuously and has introduced several new features over the past few months. It would be interesting to see what else they would introduce in the future.

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