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What is Search Marketing?

Today, if people want to know something, they don’t hesitate to open up a search engine on their phone, tablet, or computer to source the information. In fact, we’re so completely dependent on search engines the term Googling was actually added to the dictionary. Over the years, search has expanded and developed an entire eco-system [...]

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Google is Making Money off Mobile Ads, But at What Cost?

Keen-eyed people would notice that Google mobile search results look a little different. The company has been tweaking its mobile search results SERPs for a long time now. They’ve been adding and subtracting things to best utilize the smart phone screen and abilities. The real estate on the smart phone screens are far less generous [...]

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Google is Accepting URL Removal Requests

Last year, EU gave its citizens the Right to be Forgotten, much to the envy of all. Everyone has done something on the internet that they would like to remove and delete from the history. You can delete social media accounts, shut down blogs, and remove your published content, but you can’t remove specific URLs. [...]

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